Welcome to Imaginality Create’s Activities area. This area is a collection of activities, each with a worksheet, that students can work through, to learn about topics by actively creating their own Augmented Reality modules. Activities are curriculum-focused and are grouped into topic areas.
Use this to “learn-by-doing” on a curriculum-focused topic, with detailed guidance.

Each Activity includes a worksheet, a link to download the module you begin with in the video so that you work on it yourself, and will soon include a youtube video, and a link to download the video as a higher quality mp4 file to view offline.

List of Activities:

Activity 1: Gravity with Allen the Alien. Learn about gravity with your squishy friend – Allen the Alien. You will create a module where each of the planets and Allen are on their own paddles – when Allen gets close to any planet, the gravity of the planet squishes him (complete with sound effects) – the more gravity, the more he squishes.

Activity 2: Earth Builder. Create your own interactive module where you can build the Earth up from its inner core, all the way out to the surface. You are provided with the five layers of the Earth – one on each of the Paddles 1-5 . Then, when any of the Paddles 2-4 get close to Paddle 1 , their Earth layer moves over to Paddle 1 and locks into place.

Activity 3: Become an Astronaut. Become an astronaut, planting your country’s flag on the surface of the moon! You will take a photo of your face, wrap that onto a virtual head and place that into an astronaut’s suit, then find a lunar flag online in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, export that into Imaginality Create and change its texture to your country’s flag.

Activity 4: Story Creator – On the Moon. Make your own illustrated story that takes place on the surface of the moon. Choose from a list of characters including astronauts, aliens and giant bugs. Use props including rocks, apples and UFOs. Or follow our tips to add your own characters and props. You will be guided through planning, preparing and producing a story by arranging the paddles in scenes, taking pictures of them and then writing the story that goes with them.