Welcome to Imaginality Create’s Examples area. This area showcases examples of fantastic things you can do with Imaginality Create, and shows you how to do them yourself. Each Example combines different features of Imaginality Create to create a unique Augmented Reality interaction.
Use this to get inspiration to create your own interesting modules.

Each Example includes a link to download the module created in this example so that you can run it and modify it, and will soon include a youtube video, and a link to download the video as a higher quality mp4 file to view offline.

List of Examples:

Example 1: Magnify the Earth. This example magnifies the Earth when it gets close to a magnifying glass.

Example 2: Ninja vs Robots. This example makes a ninja fight off a horde of robots.

Example 3: Use Camera to put Face on Ball. In this example, you use the Screen Cap feature to take a picture of you face, and then wrap that picture around a sphere, to make a virtual head. You then look at three different ways to do the wrapping, to produce different effects.

Example 4: Drumkit. This example makes a drum kit that you can play by touching each drum.

Example 5: House Raise the Roof. This example lifts off a house’s roof when it gets close to an up arrow.

Example 6: House Change Colour of Roof. Make a house roof change colour by simply touching it with different coloured blocks.

Example 7: Highlighter – Human Senses.  Load a Human head with separate parts, and some household objects. When the objects touch the head, make the parts of the head that can sense them turn green.

Example 8: Scaler. Add all planets. Make all planets scale when they touch the sun so that both are at their relative sizes. Then do the same for the earth relative to the other planets.

Example 9: Builder. When you move the separate parts of a car engine  close to paddle 1, they move to paddle 1, locking into place to build a engine.