Welcome to Imaginality Create’s Help area. This area provides help on the features of Imaginality Create. Help on each feature includes a youtube video, a link to download the module created in this video so that you can run it and modify it, and a link to download the video as a higher quality mp4 file to view offline.

This page contains the following resources:

Overview Video of Imaginality Create

This video gives a quick, 3.5 minute overview of Imaginality Create by building a simple module that places the Earth on paddle 1 and a magnifying glass on paddle 2 and makes the magnifying glass enlarge the Earth when the 2 paddles get close to each other.

You can also download the module created in this video to run it and modify it.
You can also download the video as an mp4 file to view offline.

Interactive Screenshot of Imaginality Create

You can click on any feature in the image below to go directly to the help on that feature.
Interactive Screenshot

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Adding 3D Models to Create:

Model Setup:

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