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by on September 13, 2012 at 5:43 am

When you move the separate parts of a car engine close to paddle 1, they move to paddle 1, locking into place to build a engine. Find a good model in SketchUp that has multiple layers, like a car. Export each layer separately (select layer -> Export Selected) and add them all to separate paddles (e.g. paddles 1-6). Make interactions so that when the separate parts come close to paddle 1, they make match the position and rotation of the part on paddle 1.

Other ideas for Builders: the human body, a car engine, different vehicles, flowers, animals and insects, buildings.
Other ideas: repeat exporting each layer separately (select layer -> Export Selected) and add each one to paddle 1, in a semi-transparent form, then instead of moving the other parts to paddle 1, make the paddle version non-transparent, and the other version semi-transparent; add information text to describe the function of each part.

You can download the module to run it and modify it.

Example 9 - Builder

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