Imaginality Create Example – House Change Colour of Roof

by on September 13, 2012 at 5:43 am

Make a house change colour by simply touching it with different coloured blocks. Do this by exporting a house from SketchUp with separate parts for each item you want to colour (e.g. Roof, walls, etc). Create a set of coloured blocks, then for each block, create a rule so that when it gets close to the house part, it changes the texture of that house block.
Other ideas: what other appliances or vehicles etc could you recolour?; investigate insect camouflage by making them blend into the background; see the effects of making a character’s hair and skin colour change; use similar techniques to change hair styles.

You can download the module to run it and modify it.

Example 6 - House Change Colour of Roof

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